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Kitty (aka MusicTale Sans), is a female humanish version of the original Sans. She is featured in the MusicTale AU, created by the Youtuber, GrowlingPanda. In the AU, Kitty is one of the 3 guardians of AUs, the other 2 being Ink! Sans and Error! Sans. Kitty is known for being the Watcher of AUs, whilst Ink! is the protector, and Error!, the destroyer.


Kitty, in the MusicTale AU, once owned a lab in the Snowfall Caverns, outside of the Sandy Oasis. Later on, she started messing up with certain things and couldn't handle taking care of her own lab, so she handed it over to Kitcha. A few years later, Skybringer (MusicTale Asgore) became controller of their world, whilst Kitty was never bought into submission. One day, her friend, Venturian (MusicTale Papyrus), told her about some black skeleton with a weird appearance talking to him about certain predictions with timelines and other AUs. Thus, Kitty decided to look over timelines and become the Watcher of AUs.

Appearance Edit

Kitty is a human anime girl. She has pink hair, and wears a panda hoodie. She has green eyes. She has a Gaster Blaster known as the "Speaker Blaster", which is a normal Gaster Blaster, but has a symbolic speaker on it's face and a speaker in it's mouth. She also wears a lavender t-shirt, and wears a black skirt, with boots.

Abilities/Weaknesses Edit

Kitty's abilities is to have her eyes change color when her expressions or emotions change. Sometime's her left eye will turn rainbow to blast a regular laser, and both of her eyes being rainbow would blast a mega-laser. Her Speaker Blaster can fire a supersonic blast which will play a guitar sound and fire a huge laser. Kitty's weakness is darkness. If Kitty gets tangled up or caught in it, her "human" soul weakens and loses energy.

Relationships Edit

G.E.A.R.Z (MusicTale Mettaton) Edit

G.E.A.R.Z or "Project 7-5-1-19-26" was Kitty's first invention. He was known to be Kitty's "house-cleaner" robot, but for some reason, he malfunctioned and started to act against Kitty, not being evil, but usually not caring about anything. So, she gave it to Kitcha to upgrade him. Later on, he became the new Skystrike entertainment robot.

Venturian (MusicTale Papyrus) Edit

Venturian first found Kitty when they, and her friends were cursed into animals, and rescued theirselves and turned back. Now, his siblings are elsewhere doing deeds for Skybringer. Venturian now acts like a brother to Kitty, and unlike the original Papyrus, he actually likes Kitty's bad puns.

Themes Edit

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